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        CANTIGA LX

Esta é de loor de Santa Maria, do departimento que á entre Ave e Eva.

For Eva took us away
from heaven and from God,
Ave puts us back there.
That is why, my friends:
'Twixt Ave and Eva...

Eva had us bewitched
by the devil in his prison;
and Ave brought us out from there;
and for that reason:
'Twixt Ave and Eva...

Eva caused us to lose
the love of God and Righteousness;
Ave brought it back to us
again; and for that:
'Twixt Ave and Eva...

Eva kept us shut in,
far from heaven, without the keys,
and Mary broke open
the doors with Ave.
'Twixt Ave and Eva...


Alfonso X el Sabio
Unknown translator

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manuscrito Manuscrito Códice de Toledo Mss. 10.069 BNE
manuscrito Manuscrito Códices del Escorial Mss. 5.982 BNE
manuscrito Manuscrito P. Andrés Burriel Mss. 13.055 BNE
partitura / partiture Partitura musical
Canción Canción: Esther Lamandier
galaico-portugués Versión original galaico-portugués