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The Virgin will aid those
who most love Her,
although they may be of another faith
and disbelievers.

The Glorious Virgin
performed a beautiful miracle
illustrating this theme
in the city of Marrakech,
which is large and beautiful,
for a king who was then its ruler.
He was waging bitter war with another king
and for this reason, he was in great need

of assistance from anyone
who could give it to him.
He was besieged inside Marrakech,
for the other king had already crossed
a large river called Morabe
with many knights
and a great army of foot soldiers.

They ran toward the gates of the city
and all they found outside the walls
they took by force.
Therefore, those of Marrakech
advised the king to go out
of the city with a few good,
carefully chosen

men at arms and fight it out right there
with the other king
and to order the banner
of the Holy Virgin Mary
taken out of the city
and to doubt not that he would defeat
the enemy at once
as soon as he had unfurled it.

Furthermore, they advised him
to have the Christian congregation go out
with the crosses from the church.
He took their advice
and when they took out the banner of that One
who is mirror of angels and saints
and it was seen by the Moors

on the other side, they were so alarmed by it that
although it was a powerful army,
all were soon defeated.
AThey lost the tents they had brought
and everything else.
Many people of that ugly
bearded crew died there.

They fled back across the Morabe River
and although they had lost
all they had brought there,
such great fright of the banner
and the crosses seized them
that none of them drew back
on the reins as they fled.

Thus Holy Mary helped Her friends,
although they were of another faith,
to defeat their enemies,
for although they were many,
they did not give
two figs about them.
In that way was Her mercy
made manifest to all.


Alfonso X el Sabio
Unknown translator

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