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He who passed over the mountains
And did not want to serve on the plain—
Is he the one, when war was returned,
Who's now bragging?
Since he vacillates so much now,
Let him be damned!

He who doled out his money
Without attracting any good knights—
Is it because he wasn't first in the fight
That he's bragging now?
Since he came at us with his rear,
Let him be damned!

He who raised a great soldiery
But never quite a good cavalry,
Since he didn't go to Granada, is he
The one who's bragging?
Whether he's rich or has a strong band,
Let him be damned!

He who loaded up his bags
With a little gold and a lot of guff,
And never quite entered the town of Vega,
Is he bragging now?
Since he's more like fat than butter,
Let him be damned!


Alfonso X el Sabio
Unknown translator

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