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Sweetness for heart's sweetness!
Sweetness in clusters, you were for the viewing,
those open days when I mounted among the fallen trees!
And so for your little pigeon's pigeon
for the quiet prayer
moving between your shade and the great corporeal firmness of
your shadow.

Underneath you and me,
you and I, sincerely,
your padlock choked with keys,
myself mounting and sweating
and making what is iinfinite between your thighs.
(The desk clerk is a bumpkin,
admirable teeth; I maintain
the ghastly workings of my soul.
Sir, you over there... go on, go on... goodbye, Sir...)

I think a lot about all this, touched, endlessly
and send your pigeon to the top of your flight
and, staggering with happiness, sometimes
I rest myself in the shade of that dragged-down tree.

Rib of my being,
sweetness you cover, smiling, with your hand;
your black dress which must be worn out by now
beloved, beloved in the flesh,
how bound to your hurt knee!

Only now can I see you, understand you — ashamed
in Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Belgium, your absent one,
your portable absent one,
man convulsed by the woman trembling within his grasp.

Beloved for the shape of your irreparable tail,
beloved I should have loved with flowering matches.
quand on a la vie et la jeunesse
c'est dejá tellement!

When there's no longer space
between your greatness and my latest project,
I will come back to your stocking, you must kiss me,
as I bend down to your stocking, over and over,
your portable absent one, tell him like this...


César Vallejo
Translation by Sandy McKinney

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