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            THE ASCENSION


O Shepherd, dost Thou leave
Thy flock in this deep vale of tears obscure
In loneliness to grieve,
While Thou to Heaven's refuge sure
Ascendest through the air serene and pure?


They who before were blest
And now are wrapped in sadness and in grief,
Who leaned upon Thy breast,
In Thee all their belief,
Where without Thee may they now seek relief?


What shall their eyes behold
Who looked upon the beauty of Thy face
That shall not leave them cold?
After Thy lips' sweet grace
What will not worthless seem to them and base?


Who now the raging sea
Shall curb or unto silent peace allay
The winds' wild revelry?
Without Thy guiding ray
What star shall steer the ship upon its way?


Even of this brief delight,
Cruel and envious cloud, dost thou complain?
How rich is now thy gain!
How poor and blind are we who here remain!


Fray Luis de León
Translation by Aubrey F. G. Bell

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enlace León Felipe * LA ASCENSIÓN
audio Voz: Iván Rojas -

inglés Translation by Thomas Walsh
español Original version