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As resolute Leander crossed the sea,
entirely consumed by flames of love,
the wind picked up, and started then to swell
the water's current with a raging shove.

Worn out by all his effort's sudden strain,
to overcome the waves so ill-prepared,
and rather of the joy, in death, he'd lose
than of his own life feeling deep despair,

he raised as best he could his weary voice
and to the waves spoke out as follows here,
though never did they hear his cry of strife:

"Waves, since now I know that I must die,
just let me get there, and when I return
your rage may take its toll upon my life."

Garcilaso de la Vega
Translation by Alix Ingber

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facsimil Edición Facsímil Obras de Garci Lasso con anotaciones de Fernando de Herrera
español Original version