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I breathe
And the air in my lungs
Is knowledge now, and love, and joy,
An embodied joy
That reveals itself to me
Only as a cleaving
—So elemental That it never breaks off—
To the great succession of instants
In which I continue to breathe,
Embracing a part
Of the enormous airy clarity.
To live, to live, to seize from the rhythm of life
All this world that the air displays
And —God knows how— that pre-existing
Which raises its gifts to the plateau of the ages
For me because
I breathe,
I breathe from moment to moment,
In perfect contact
With that reality which sustains me,
Lifts me up
And through stupendous equilibria
Leaves me overcome, astonished, obedient.


Jorge Guillén
Translated by Reginald Gibbons

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