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Harmonies, harmonies from the far away,
harmonics, harmonies from strange exotic lands!
Music that upon the soul asserts a painftil sway
suddenly awakened there as with hipnotic hands!

Harmonies, harmonies from the far away...

Harmonics that from the caves of woodland cabins stray,
endless, commonplace and vague that no one understands,
savage or submissive or with hurricanes aplay...

Harmonies, harmonies from strange exotic lands!

Harmonies that seem to bring the Gothic naves array,
harmonies where through the oldtime Spanish boast expands,
riotous and mutinous, heroic roundelay
where the hump-back witches cluster in fantastic bands
sharpening their heartless sickles for the wild foray...

Harmonies, harmonics from the far away,
harmonies, harmonies from strangc exotic lands!


León de Greiff
Translated by Thomas Walsh, New York 1925

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