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          LITTLE SONG

It rains outside the window (Verlainesque
rain, if not in my heart:
my heart ran away one early night
in pursuit of another song).

It rains outside the window (melancholic
rain, in some ways so poetic
&mdashbut less, prosaic, or so symbolic...)
It rains, it rains, nothing more... afflicted Ram.

I never knew how to watch the rain
outside the window &mdashphiosofic trance&mdash:
more often than not it fell upon (so blond
then) my locks... &mdashatrophic trance&mdash.

It rains outside the window. I smoke. I write.
It isolates me, the window from the urban
rush... and I in my cage, lascivious
bird thirsting always in vain.

It rains outside the window (Verlainesque
rain if not in my heart)
My heart ran away &mdashcapricious one—
after a silly song
without rhyme or reason,
              neither here nor there.

Mayo-Junio 1947

León de Greiff
Translated by Marianne Borgardt

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