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“In a little while the world will not see me,           John 14:19.
but you will see me; because I live
you will live also,” you said; and now the eyes
of faith have seen you in the depths
of the soul, and by virtue of art we have
created you in visible form. Our magic wand
was the paint brush of Don Diego Rodriguez
de Silva Velazquez. Because of this we can see
you in the flesh today. You are the Eternal Man
who has created us anew. Your death is
a birth. You have flown to heaven so that           John 16:7.
the Counselor could send us the Holy Spirit,
the spirit of your flock, which works in art
to bring us your image. Incarnated here
in this silent, white Word that speaks
with lines and colors, my tragic people
have expressed their faith. It is the ultimate
passion play which raises us from death,
so that we are face to face with God.

Miguel de Unamuno
Translation by Armand F. Baker

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