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        FACE OR CROSS 1

Those who consider their neighbor
and help him
are your disciples. It doesn’t matter
whether or not they know it.
Or if those who once knew you
abandon you.
Perhaps a few
take too much pleasure in your images
and sleep in the pride of your name
having no idea how to honor it.

Forgotten by one or by another,
Ignored, you go on,
depending on your sons, your
nailed hands
(you understand
how a cross puts forth branches):
offer fruit,
                  in sweat and ignorance,
in the forgetfulness of your very being

which is the substance of reality.

March 24, 1967


Cintio Vitier
Translation by Kathleen Weaver

1 «Cara o cruz» meaning in Spanish is equivalent to «Heads or Tails»

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