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To Eros

Because you make life's bravest lioness
Your dog, imprisoning her with the chain
Of roses of your embrace.

Because your body is the root,
The essential tie of divergent stems
Of pleasure and pain, gigantic plants.

Because there emerges from your strong and beautiful hand,
Like a brooch of mystical diamonds,
The most intoxicating lily of death.

Because I glance at you over space,
Bridge of light, perfume and melody,
Connecting inferno and paradise

—With a glowing soul and somber flesh…

—Con alma fúlgida y carne sombría...


Delmira Agustini
Translation by Alejandro Cáceres

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audio Voice: Leonelli Marcela
español Original version

Selected Poetry of Delmira Agustini: Poetics of Eros. Contributors: Alejandro Cáceres - editor, Willis Barnstone - unknown. Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press. Place of Publication: Carbondale, IL. Publication Year: 2003