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        SPIRITUAL DIARY (fragment)

My soul is a lake;
Lake, cup of heaven,
A nest of stars in the calm night,
A cup of the bird, and of the flower, and soil
Of swans and the soul.

— My soul was a lake …—

My soul is a fountain
Where a garden sings; roses blush
And in its melody wings soar;
It sets gems harmoniously
In the gold of the day.

— My soul was a fountain …—

A stream is my soul
A long caress of crystal that rolls
Upon silken flesh,
A path of diamonds of calm.

— A stream was my soul …—

My soul is a torrent;
Like a shroud of brilliance and harmony,
Like an endless shroud overrun
By a gloomy tower,
Lustfully it swallows all!


Delmira Agustini
Translation by Alejandro Cáceres (fragment)

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audio Voice: Leonelli Marcela
español Original version

Selected Poetry of Delmira Agustini: Poetics of Eros. Contributors: Alejandro Cáceres - editor, Willis Barnstone - unknown. Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press. Place of Publication: Carbondale, IL. Publication Year: 2003