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    LIKE YOU...

Thus is my life,
like you. Like you,
small stone;
like you,
light stone;
like you,
pebble that rolls
over sidewalks
and city paths;
like you,
humble pebble of the roads;
like you,
that on stormy days
you sink
in the mud of the earth
and then
under the hooves
and under the wheels;
like you, who hasn't served
to be the stone
of a fish market,
nor stone of a hearing,
or stone of a palace,
or stone of a church;
like you,
adventurous stone;
like you,
maybe you are made
only for a sling,
small stone


León Felipe
Translated by Consuelo Méndez

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Voz: León Felipe Voz: León Felipe

Canción: Paco Ibáñez Canción: Paco Ibáñez

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