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What if God was a woman?

Juan Gelman

What if God was a woman?
Ask Juan undeterred.

Go go, if God was a woman
It is possible that agnostics and atheists
No we said no with head
And we said yes with guts.

Maybe we approached to its divine nudity
For kissing his feet not of bronze
Her pubis not of stone
Her breasts not of marble
Her lips not of plaster.

If God was a woman, we embrace her
The distance to boot your
And we should not swear
Until death take us away
Since it would be immortal quintessential
And instead of transmitting AIDS or panic
We rub off their immortality.

If God was a woman not be installed
Far in the kingdom of heaven
But we wait in the vestibule of hell
With your open arms
Its pink that isn't plastic
And her love not of angels.

Oh my God, my God
If until forever and from always
You were a woman
How nice scandal it would be
What fortunate splendid impossible
Prodigious blasphemy.

Mario Benedetti
Translated by

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enlace Juan Gelman - ¿y si Dios fuera una mujer?
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