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[63] (Versos 2191 a 2219)

I don't want you to go,
pain, ultimate way of loving.
It makes me alive
when you hurt me,
not in you, nor here, further away,
in the earth, in the year where
you come from,
in her love
and all what it meant.
In that vanished reality
that denies itself
and insists on that
it has never existed,
that it was just a pretext by me
to live.
Were you no longer with me
pain, unrefutable,
I would believe it,
but you still stay.
Your truth ensures
that nothing was lie.
And while I do feel you,
you will be, pain,
the proof of another life
in which you didn't hurt.
The great proof, in the distance,
that it existed, that it exists,
and that she loved me, yes,
that I'm still in love with her.


Pedro Salinas, 1933
Translation by Luis and Rafael Salas

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