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You'll walk away from that bleeding cunt
who first laughs at then plagiarizes
your poems     You'll try to forget
the shadow the back cooking
the lump snoring while you're
writing in the other room
You'll ask yourself how it was possible
That wretched smell exuding from between
her legs     Her obsession with brushing
her teeth all the time     It's true
never again will she tell you the same
story of rapes and psychoanalysts
Nor will the paternal automobile drive
out of her story to park in your
memory     (That exceptional vantage point
from which you could see that the car
was always empty)     No more
long frozen films     Her gestures
of desolation     Fear you could barely
touch with your fingertips
There will come a happy day when you'll ask yourself
what her arms were like, her rough
elbows     The moon shimmering
on the hair that covers her face
Her lips mouthing in silence
that everything's fine     And everything
will be fine without a doubt when you accept
the order of the tombs     And walk away
from her long freckled legs and from pain
Right now your body is shaken by
nightmares. You're not
the same anymore: the one who loved,
took risks
You're not the same anymore, even if
maybe tomorrow everything vanished
like a bad dream and you started
over. Maybe
tomorrow you'll start over.
And the sweat, the cold,
the erratic detectives,
will be like a dream.
Don't give up.
Right now you're trembling, but maybe
tomorrow everything will start over.

Roberto Bolaño
Translation from Laura Healy

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