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I'm in a bar and someone's name is Soni
The floor is covered in ash     Like a bird
like a single bird two old men arrive
Archilochus and Anacreon and Simonides     Miserable
Mediterranean refugees     Don't ask me what I'm doing
here, just forget that I've been with a girl
who'd pale and rich     Anyhow I only remember blush
the word shame after the word hollow
Soni! Soni!     I laid her back and rubbed
my penis all over her waist     The dog barked in the street
below there was a double feature and after coming
I thought "double feature" and the void Archilochus and Anacreon
and Simonides sheathing their willow branches     Man
doesn't search for life I said I laid her back and
shoved the whole thing in     Something crunched between
the dog's ears     Crack!     We're lost
all that's left is for you to get sick I said     And Soni
stepped away from the ground the light through dirty glass
rendered like a God and the author
closed his eyes

Roberto Bolaño
Translation from Laura Healy

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