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this is the bitter end,
this proves you're rightly called
the end of illusion.

  You've made me lose all,
yet no, losing all
is not paying too dear
for being undeceived.

  No more will you envy
the allurements of love,
for one undeceived
has no risk left to run.

  It's some consolation
to be expecting none:
there's relief to be found
in seeking no cure.

  In loss itself
I find assuagement:
having lost the treasure,
I've nothing to fear.

  Having nothing to lose
brings peace of mind:
one traveling without funds
need not fear thieves.

  Liberty itself
for me is no boon:
if I hold it such,
it will soon be my bane.

  No more worries for me
over boons so uncertain:
I will own my very soul
as if it were not mine.


Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
Translation by Alan S. Trueblood

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facsímil Edición facsímil 1692
español Original version