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Today a shepherd and our kin
O Gil, to ransom us is sent,
And he is God Omnipotent.
For us hath he cast down the pride
And prison walls of Satanas;
And he is of the kin of Bras,
Of Manga, also of Llorent.
O, is not God Omnipotent?

If he is God, how then is he
Come hither, and here crucified?
With his sin also died,
Enduring death, tho innocent.
Gil, how is God Omnipotent?

Why, I have seen him born, pardie,
And of a most sweet Shepherdess.
If he is God, how can ha be
With such poor folk as these content?
See'st not he is Omnipotent?

Give over idle parl'eyeing,
And let us serve Him, you and I,
And since he came on earth to die,
Let us die with him, too. Llorent,
For he is God Omnipotent.


Schez. de Cepeda Dávila y Ahumada.
Santa Teresa de Jesús
Translation by Arthur Symons

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