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Dark swallows will return
to hang their nests on your balcony
and again with their wings will rap playfully
on its windows.
But those who checked their flight
to contemplate your beauty and my happiness,
those who memorized our names,
those... will not return!

Dense honeysuckles will return
to climb the adobe walls of your garden
and again in the afternoon even more lovely
will open their flowers.

But those drops of dew
that we watched tremble
and fall like tears of the day...
those... will not return!

Ardent words of love will return
to sound in your ear,
your heart will perhaps awaken
from its deep slumber.

But mute and entranced and kneeling,
like worshiping God at an altar,
like I desired you..., don't kid yourself,
no one will desire you like that!


Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
English translation by H. Landman

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poema aleatorio   Rimas (Edición 1871)   siguiente / next   Rima LIV anterior / previous   Rima LII
manuscrito Manuscrito BNE
enlace Miguel Unamuno - Te recitaba Bécquer... Golondrinas
enlace Julio Flórez - Huyeron las golondrinas
inglés English translation by Mrs. W. S. Hendrix
inglés English translation by Brian Cole
inglés Translated by Armand F. Baker
inglés English translation by Young Allison
español Original version
Cantado por Paco Ibáñez Canción: Paco Ibáñez
Voz: Leonelli Marcela Voz: Leonelli Marcela
Voice: Antonio Mula Franco Voice: Antonio Mula Franco