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My tactics is to watch you,
to learn how you are,
to love you the way you are.

My tactics is to talk to you
and to listen to you;
to build with words
an indestructible bridge.

My tactics is
to stay in yor memory,
I do not know neither how nor
with which pretext,
but to stay in you.

My tactics is to be frank
and to know that you are frank
and that we do not sell ourselves simulacrums
so that between us both
there is neither curtain nor abysses.

My strategy is, nevertheless,
deeper and simpler.

My strategy is
that any given day,
I do not know neither how nor
with what reason,
at last... you need me.

mi estrategia es
que un día cualquiera
no sé cómo             ni sé
con qué pretexto
por fin             me necesites


Mario Benedetti
Translator: unknown

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Los personajes
Voz: Mario Benedetti Voz: Mario Benedetti
audio Voz: Leonelli Marcela
francés Traduction de Olivier Favier
italiano Traduzione di Martha L. Canfield
español Original version